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Chowder Ness Foreshore - Barton-upon-Humber - North Lincolnshire

embankmarks & mud flats Chowder Ness Foreshore Development involved selecting suitable farmland on the south bank of the River Humber to be flooded. Prior to parts of the original shoreline being removed the project involved the shaping of new embankments which were then covered with protective stonework .
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Changing Shoreline The existing sea defences were then breached to allow the waters of the River Humber to flow onto farmland and up to the newly created banks. The ebb and flow of the tide leaves deposits of sediment to create new mud flats in a process known as ‘accretion’.
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inter-tidal farmland The project was completed in 2007 on the inter-tidal farmland formerly reclaimed from the Humber. In time the mud flats will turn into salt marshes creating a new and important inter-tidal habitat which will attract wildlife such as shelduck, lapwing, golden plover and curlew.
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