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The Beck - Barton-upon-Humber - North Lincolnshire

The Beck
Beck Hill
North Lincolnshire
DN18 5EY

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This Beck is situated between Saint Peter's and Saint Mary's Church and is one of a series of 'blow wells' fed by springs around the Lincolnshire coast. Blow Wells are natural artesian springs caused by water under pressure escaping from the chalk through the overlying boulder clay. The Beck has dried up in recent years due to the depression of water-tables by increased abstraction. Recently [June 2007] the beck filled up following a period of heavy rainfall and flooded Soutergate.

Source [].....In medieval times, the stream flowing north from the Beck was strong enough to power a watermill. This once plentiful supply of water has given rise to two stories as to how nearby Soutergate took its name. One is that the area was a focus for 'souters' who used the supply of water for tanning leather. The second is that it took its name from the Danish word 'sauther' meaning sheep, and that it was the road by which sheep were brought from the meadows to drink at the Beck.